Quantifying the Understable MVP Orbital

One of the reasons I enjoy throwing MVP discs so much is that their new releases continue to surprise me. When the 21.5mm Distance Driver lineup of the Phase, Photon, Wave and Orbital were announced, I thought for sure that in this speed class I’d be looking at the Orbital and Wave as the usable molds for my game.



For reference, I max out distance wise in the 385-400′ range, so while I don’t consider myself a noodle arm, I certainly don’t have a cannon like some other players in the game are sporting. So, I figured the two more Understable designed offerings would be to my liking.


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Attack of the High Speed Drivers!

The long awaited high-speed MVP Drivers are here!

After playing a round with the Neutron Photon, Wave and Axiom Virus, what became clear was that this multi disc release from MVP was giving the golfer the complete range of flights for every and all throws needed on the course.

– Photon: over-stable / stable

– Wave: stable / understable

– Virus: understable

Every drive to conquer the Disc Golf course is here.

I don’t usually throw heavy high-speed drivers, but played with a friend that has been putting in a lot of work on his drives and is getting it out to the 400’ range. Within just his first few throws, he was digging the Wave hard. The disc was flipping flat and gliding forever for him. He was loving it.

And a shout out for ultra cool Special Edition stamp. Great Stuff!


Small, but Mighty! The MVP Relay

When MVP announced their new event, The Circuit, one of the most exciting pieces of information in the announcement (besides the entire event itself) was the reveal of a brand new mold in a brand new distance class: The 16mm MVP Relay.


With MVP running full steam ahead with four new 21.5mm Distance Driver molds as well as adding four new Axiom 20mm Distance Driver molds as a complement to the four MVP 20mm Distance Drivers released in 2014, the Relay’s announcement hit me, personally, right out of left field. With Plasma, Fission, LED lights, Metal Mini Markers… a whole new class at this level just wasn’t on my brain in any way shape or form. And, consistent with most new GYRO™ releases, the Relay debuts in their opaque Neutron Plastic and is currently only available as one of the three discs in the MVP Circuit Player’s Pack.


This new mold was described as a beginner-friendly disc and having an understable flight path. This really had my curiosity peaked. As a RHBH dominant thrower, I don’t have a consistent, reliable FH shot in my game for over 200′ on holes that require that line in a throw.

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The 500 Foot Tidal Wave!

During the development of the 21.5mm Distance Driver lineup, the Photon and Wave were my most anticipated models in this class, and so far they are delivering to my expectations!


The Wave has extra height and shoulder compared to its younger sibling the Inertia, which gives it tremendous glide. The overall stability of the Wave is very similar to the Inertia, with slightly more turn and slightly less fade. The Inertia has grown to be my favorite controlled distance driver since it’s release, so learning the Wave was a breeze.


The power range of 350 feet and greater will result in controlled hyzer-flips. When throwing both max distance or golf distance lines with the Wave, I find that I have a tendency to throw with a mild hyzer release in the meanwhile of giving the disc a little extra height and left trajectory. At the 350-foot and greater power level It will consistently turnover past it’s Apex and hole the nose down/anhyzer distance line. This is where the GYRO shines it’s greatness because it will not stall out of this drifting position as long as you give it enough power. If you have less than 350 feet power, then the Orbital is may be your shining gem to hit these lines. Whereas, the Wave will offer lower power throwers very straight, neutral lines at the lower power level.

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