I’m back!

So 2017 is the year I will catch up with discgolf I have been MIA for a year, for personal reasons. And man does it feel good to be back!

I have a very busy personal schedule ahead this year as well, but with that said I will do my best to get the practice I need to get going again.

The best way to start, is to once again get confidence in one of my favorite disc which I NEVER play without.

The Ion, my first plastic love (dont get me wrong here!) with that beaded rim and the perfect fit in my hand. 170ish weight,Soft Neutron plastic. Taking it out of the putter pocket, wiping my hand dry on the towel. stepping up to the Green Eclipse Nano mini. Right foot front, pointing in the direction of the shot. I swipe the Ion’s rim in my hand until I feel the perfect place to grip. Arm goes up, I take sight of the basket then back to the disc. I gently get the feel of the disc in my wrist.  I shift weight to my left foot, slightly rocking back and forth to get a slight momentum (Not that its needed simply  because its part of the routine) and get ready for the shot. When the shot feels right, the weight shift to my  right foot I lean forward and sligthly flick that wrist, as soon as the disc has left my hand, I know, its in.  The chains rattle. 

This is what I need to get started with, putting. Putting is so important, not only because its your last shot but also the focus, it requires a special state of mind a moment of Zen . And that needs practice. I wish you all the best for this upcoming season and I hope to see you all out on a course. Keep the disc spinning throwGYRO!