Distance Driver
Dimension Model Specs
Class: 24.5mm Distance Driver
Weights: 170g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 24.5mm
PDGA max weight: 174.3g
Dimension is the workhorse stable-overstable bomber of the 24.5mm distance driver class.
The Dimension balances overstable resistance to turn while allowing a full flight before fade. Strong throwers will see only the smallest turnover at high speeds or into headwinds. Average throwers will get all the overstability they desire from this speed class in the Dimension. With its ultra fast speed and glide-promoting dome, the Dimension’s reliable fade helps pinpoint your target from a great distance.

All models in the 24.5mm Distance Driver class, displayed by relative stability:
Dimension In The Bag
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350ft to 450ft 
350ft to 500ft 
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The Dimension is part of an extremely fast and demanding speed class and has a power-resistant stability profile. Beginner throwers are encouraged to try slower classes for best results.

High power throwers will be able to manipulate stable lines with the Dimension, while average and some advanced throwers will be fighting against its fade and speed. As a fast utility driver the Dimension will be quite useful to those who can't fully power it for max distance drives -- however with enough power or headwind, the Dimension is capable of highly controlled long stable flights.
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