Vertex Model Specs
Class: 13mm Midrange Driver
Weights: 165g - 178g
Diameter: 21.5cm
Rim width: 13mm
PDGA max weight: 178.5g
The Vertex is a utility midrange with an array of understable tricks ready to lower your scores.
The Vertex is more understable than its Axiom Theory cousin, but has a nice ending fade to settle it down at your target. Specialty uses include high gliding lines, hyzerflips and turnovers, and low-power escape shots where easy precise distance matters. An understable midrange can add possibilities to any bag, whether you're an expert carving up wooded tunnels or you haven't yet found that easy straight thrower you desire.

All models in the 13mm Midrange Driver class, displayed by relative stability:
Vertex In The Bag
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175ft to 275ft 
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The Vertex has an extremely low power and speed requirement, making it perfect for powered-down throws. With a full power throw from an expert, the Vertex has a controllable flip and turnover characteristic that's softened by its ending fade.
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