MVP Orbital and Phase



I will keep this short and quick from my first impressions of both the new Orbital and Phase testers that I have received.

Orbital/ White 170g
The Orbital is a first for a few different things. Handling this disc for the first time, it’s edge came across very sharp. The lip almost slightly razor sharp. The flashing seemed to give it a feel I haven’t felt on any other disc coming off the line in Michigan. First initial throws were met with something I have yet seen from MVP before either. A true, out of the box understable disc. I exaggerated my hyzer flip at first go and the Orbital flipped up, drifted right with a very small amount of fade as it landed.  Every throw after that was met with a hyzer to quick turnover. This disc flicks very well for the wannabe “I wish I can” forehander. Using this disc for absolute distance will require quite a bit of room for the disc to work. Throwing the Orbital was a lot of fun. Rollers were effortless. I will use this disc for true left to right (RHBH) shots where I’m not wanting ANY fight coming at the tail end. I can see this disc going straight into a player’s bag and being used repeatedly because of it’s reliability and easy learning curve. Definitely a disc I will highly recommend to new disc golfers that are developing their throwing mechanics.

Phase/ Pink 174g
Don’t mistake this disc to be a slouch when it comes to overstability. This disc is a monster.  I normally use overstable discs for thumbers and rare shots that require you to throw around a 90 degree corner. This disc made me feel like I was throwing thumbers like a pro. Standard full powered throws left me coming up short of 325 ft. The Phase packs a punch and a disc I will most likely never get to turnover. I would say it’s a faster Motion and one that I will definitely bag for a variety of specialty shots.

First initial throwing session was good but I’d like to get more throws in with a Orbital. With the mark of this release, fans can now say that MVP Disc Sports has a full line up of discs to choose from. I want to congratulate MVP for putting the last 2 pieces in place.