Small, but Mighty! The MVP Relay

When MVP announced their new event, The Circuit, one of the most exciting pieces of information in the announcement (besides the entire event itself) was the reveal of a brand new mold in a brand new distance class: The 16mm MVP Relay.


With MVP running full steam ahead with four new 21.5mm Distance Driver molds as well as adding four new Axiom 20mm Distance Driver molds as a complement to the four MVP 20mm Distance Drivers released in 2014, the Relay’s announcement hit me, personally, right out of left field. With Plasma, Fission, LED lights, Metal Mini Markers… a whole new class at this level just wasn’t on my brain in any way shape or form. And, consistent with most new GYRO™ releases, the Relay debuts in their opaque Neutron Plastic and is currently only available as one of the three discs in the MVP Circuit Player’s Pack.


This new mold was described as a beginner-friendly disc and having an understable flight path. This really had my curiosity peaked. As a RHBH dominant thrower, I don’t have a consistent, reliable FH shot in my game for over 200′ on holes that require that line in a throw.

While I continue to work on adding that in to my repertoire, I rely on understable discs to get me the left to right lines I’ve needed. The Axiom Theory has been great for that purpose, but when I’ve needed a shot longer than the Theory’s range, the Axiom Inspire has gotten the call. It’s been a great disc, but still has that tick of flex out at the end of the throw that can put me outside of the areas I want to be when I use it for this purpose.


Enter, the Relay.


Once MVP published a look at the rim profile of this disc, I was even more stoked. To me, it looked like a longer Theory. I couldn’t get my hands on one soon enough, and once I did, I learned this disc is so much more than the expectations I had laid upon it.


Recently, I was lucky enough to join several other MVP Fans in Michigan for a meetup where MVP Co-Owners, Chad and Brad Richardson, were nice enough to give us a tour of their brand new, high-capacity distribution facility simply known as “HQ.” While at HQ, I was able to finally get my hands on a Relay… and boy oh boy did it feel nice!


The first thing I noticed was that the rim size was noticeably smaller than anything I’ve previously held from MVP in a Fairway Driver class of discs. Being that the Relay is only 1mm smaller than the 17mm MVP Resistor, Servo and Switch as well as the Axiom Clash, Crave and Inspire, I really wasn’t expecting to notice such a difference. Even though I really like those 17mm molds, this was also a very welcome feel.


In testing and experimenting with other discs, I’ve encountered a similar feel with popular molds from other manufacturers. What always seemed to throw me off thought was the dome and variances from disc to disc. A small rimmed disc with a noticeable dome was creating a feel that was odd for me and ultimately effected my release of the disc as a result. Not so with the Relay.


The core of the Relay has that characteristic flat feel that I’ve come to know and appreciate across the MVP and Axiom brands. Combined with the small rim, it makes for an extremely comfortable disc in the hand. But, due rain and darkness while visiting HQ, I was only able to handle the disc at that time, and despite a couple of small tosses in the warehouse at HQ, I really wasn’t able to throw it at the time.


Low and behold, about 10 days later, this red beauty arrives showcasing the killer Circuit stamp in all its glory! Needless to say, I was pretty excited about it… and probably a little over-caffeinated at the time as well 😉




The Neutron plastic on this baby is straight up perfect. It’s right there with the same feel as the Neutron on the Axiom Fireball release, which is a nice blend of grip and slight give without being too hard or too soft. If Neutron blends were laid out like beds for Goldilocks to choose from for her nap, this blend of Neutron would be the one she’d go with since it’s so comfortable and juuuuuust right.


Off to the field I went where I soon discovered the true beauty of this disc. For me, this is clearly the most usable and utility Fairway Driver in my bag. After seeing the rim’s profile and thinking “longer Theory,” it did not disappoint. I was able to throw flat with power and a good snap keeping the nose down to get the nice left to right lines without the flex out at the end.


With a little hyzer this thing just gets up and goes. And goes. And goes before a subtle fade. Moving the thumb back on the rim a bit to get a little more nose up flight with a little added hyzer on release revealed flip up line with less S curve and increased fade. I was really, really pleased.


That weekend I went out to a local course and played from the short tees with an Ion, Envy, Theory and Relay. With the Relay as the longest disc in the bag, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything on that course with the lines it was able to fly.


Talking it out to a more wide-open course and letting it rip on some longer holes, it continued to demonstrate its versatility and length. I was just shocked at how far this disc would fly for me when powered up. I was so impressed with it, I decided to get its flight on video on a hole I know a lot of MVP fans have seen before from another GYRO fan named Mike. 😉


The Relay also excels on long approach shots and really showcases how well it can be controlled and thrown with varying power levels. At my home course, Hudson Springs, Hole #8 is a 575′ hole played as a par 3 in leagues. There’s a line of mostly 10-15′ pine trees (some closer to 20-30′ too) that cuts across the fairway from the right side shortly after the tee and continues forward across the hole to the left about 175′ or so  from the basket. The basket itself is protected by a bottleneck of trees and brush on both sides. And, to make it even more fun, there’s two or three smaller trees in the middle of the opening to the basket, so you have to choose your line and go to the right or left of them to avoid all the branches.


In a recent round, my drive clipped the top of the pine tree line and got knocked down, which left me with a 300′-ish approach to the basket. Looks wide open from afar, but if you get off the line, you can easily waste a stroke or two getting back to the basket.




Once again, enter the Relay.


A nice 75-80% power throw with hyzer and it flips up, flies left of the trees and brush on the right of the hole, but to the right of the smaller trees in the center and sits down perfectly right here:



I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better shot given the situation. It did exactly what I asked of it – nothing more, nothing less.




That’s just one example of where the Relay has helped me make a confident shot and has flown exactly like I wanted it to. The only surprises from this disc just continue to be its versatility.


I expect the Relay will be a treat for players of all skill levels as well as those who are just discovering the consistency and confidence that comes when you throw GYRO™ as they get their hands on them in Circuit events around the world this summer.


So, if you’ve not yet signed up for an MVP Circuit event near you, head on over to and check the calendar for events in your area! Don’t see one? Then, why not host one yourself for members of your local club and disc golf community! You’ll get MVP’s Electron Atom, exclusive Plasma Tangent and exclusive MVP Relay in your player’s pack.


Personally, I have to wait until 8/1 to experience all that the Circuit event has to offer in my neck of the woods, but will be throwing this Relay in the meantime as a staple in my bag. With that in mind, I am certainly looking forward to the next offerings in the 16mm class of discs given how much enjoyment the Relay is providing.


The MVP Relay is proving itself to be a small, but mighty weapon on the course. Hopefully it will find its way into your bag as well. Who knows, it may even help you find a little luck on the course like it did for me. Can’t hurt, right? 😉