Small, but Mighty! The MVP Relay

When MVP announced their new event, The Circuit, one of the most exciting pieces of information in the announcement (besides the entire event itself) was the reveal of a brand new mold in a brand new distance class: The 16mm MVP Relay.


With MVP running full steam ahead with four new 21.5mm Distance Driver molds as well as adding four new Axiom 20mm Distance Driver molds as a complement to the four MVP 20mm Distance Drivers released in 2014, the Relay’s announcement hit me, personally, right out of left field. With Plasma, Fission, LED lights, Metal Mini Markers… a whole new class at this level just wasn’t on my brain in any way shape or form. And, consistent with most new GYRO™ releases, the Relay debuts in their opaque Neutron Plastic and is currently only available as one of the three discs in the MVP Circuit Player’s Pack.


This new mold was described as a beginner-friendly disc and having an understable flight path. This really had my curiosity peaked. As a RHBH dominant thrower, I don’t have a consistent, reliable FH shot in my game for over 200′ on holes that require that line in a throw.

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