The 500 Foot Tidal Wave!

During the development of the 21.5mm Distance Driver lineup, the Photon and Wave were my most anticipated models in this class, and so far they are delivering to my expectations!


The Wave has extra height and shoulder compared to its younger sibling the Inertia, which gives it tremendous glide. The overall stability of the Wave is very similar to the Inertia, with slightly more turn and slightly less fade. The Inertia has grown to be my favorite controlled distance driver since it’s release, so learning the Wave was a breeze.


The power range of 350 feet and greater will result in controlled hyzer-flips. When throwing both max distance or golf distance lines with the Wave, I find that I have a tendency to throw with a mild hyzer release in the meanwhile of giving the disc a little extra height and left trajectory. At the 350-foot and greater power level It will consistently turnover past it’s Apex and hole the nose down/anhyzer distance line. This is where the GYRO shines it’s greatness because it will not stall out of this drifting position as long as you give it enough power. If you have less than 350 feet power, then the Orbital is may be your shining gem to hit these lines. Whereas, the Wave will offer lower power throwers very straight, neutral lines at the lower power level.

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