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Peter McBride


Hi I’m Peter McBride. Im from San Luis Obispo, California.
Im 23 years old and I started playing disc golf when I was 11. I played my 1st tournament (the Santa Cruz Masters Cup) in 2008. It was also the same tournament I accepted cash and became a professional in 2013. I really enjoy the flight of a disc and like throwing all types of flying discs.

  • First Name Peter
  • Last Name McBride
  • PDGA Number 34463
  • Player Division Open
  • Handedness Right
  • Throwing Styles Backhand Dominant
  • Year Started in Disc Golf 2007
  • Year Started Throwing GYRO 2019
  • Max Golf Distance (ft) 520
  • Max Field Distance (ft) 630
  • Favorite Course Maple Hill
  • Favorite Event MVP Open