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Tyler Konkus

"TK Disc Golf"

In life I am many things: a husband, father, musician, and a nurse. But here, I am a disc golfer. What started as just a fun summer hobby with friends, quickly turned into an obsession. I played countless times a week, always trying to perfect my game and stay one step ahead of my twin brother, Taylor. However, my game drastically changed after I discovered a new disc golf brand, which we all know as, MVP Disc Sports! It all started with a First Run Proton Axis I found hiding off the fairway. Curiosity with the strange black rim led me to try their other discs, which was only a hand full at the time (2012). Since then, my fascination with MVP’s products has grown with every new disc they have released. After a few years of being active in the disc golf world on social media, my brother and I created our own social media platform called ‘TK Disc Golf’. We started off making review videos about the new discs and products that MVP released. Our idea quickly turned into something that now reaches thousands of people world wide. In 2019, my brother and I decided to take our love for disc golf and MVP to the next level. We decided to run several MVP sponsored events/ Circuit events; they ended up being a huge success! Our main mission was to create a fun, casual disc golf event that promoted the brand we love!
2019 had some big milestones for me, but 2020 is going to have even bigger steps in my disc golf career. Not only am I apart of Team MVP now with my twin brother, I also have made it my goal to host even more MVP sponsored events and compete in some great local tournaments as well. I cannot wait to get started! The thought of introducing others to disc golf is a great feeling, but setting them up for success with Gyro feels even better!

  • First Name Tyler
  • Last Name Konkus
  • PDGA Number 129299
  • Player Division Advanced (MA1)
  • Handedness Right
  • Throwing Styles Backhand, Forehand
  • Job Title Registered Nurse (BSN)
  • Year Started in Disc Golf 2011
  • Year Started Throwing GYRO 2012
  • Max Golf Distance (ft) 450
  • Max Field Distance (ft) 475
  • Favorite Course Idlewild
  • Favorite Event MVP Open
Voyager Pro V2 Bag

Color Blue