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Who is behind MVP Disc Sports?

MVP Disc Sports was founded by two brothers who are passionate about disc golf and have worked in their father’s plastic injection molding shop for many years.  Having worked in a molding shop that specializes in two-step molding processes, we are very enthusiastic about implementing this two-step molding process into golf discs to push the sport to the next level.

As the leader of Disc Golf Technology, we are determined to produce the highest performing golf discs in the world with continued innovation and technological advancements.

What are some online disc golf communities where I can learn more and talk about MVP Discs?

All information about our products including discs, plastics, and technology can be found on this website. However, if you would like to know more, asking your fellow disc golfers is an excellent way to learn more.

There are several discussion threads on Disc Golf Course Review and Reddit.com/r/discgolf. We also endorse the MVP Disc Sports fan page on Facebook for great discussion on MVP products and hear all sorts of disc golf stories and experiences.

Why aren’t there rating numbers and distances on your flight chart?

We believe traditional flight chart systems present a skewed expectation of stability and distance for anyone less skilled than the pros. The distances listed on charts give players a false impression that faster, more demanding discs will automatically yield more distance, and is behind an epidemic of players robbing themselves of good technique development and better golf shots.
Our flight charts aim to illustrate the expected relative performance for throwers across a broad range of skill levels.

Does MVP Sponsor Players?

We actively sponsor Pro and Amateur Disc Golfers and are expanding our program with exciting sponsorship opportunities.  Our sponsored promoters compete in tournaments and contribute to the disc golf community in unique capacities, and we support them in a variety of ways. More can be learned about these promoters on the TEAM MVP page.

If you are an avid disc golfer who is interested in joining TEAM MVP as we expand our sponsorship opportunities, please see the Team MVP page for info, and use the contact form below to reach us.

We also have a testing program for those who like to provide us feedback and write online reviews about new products.  We follow numerous online disc golf communities.  If we come across positive disc golf contributors who provide accurate and supportive reviews of our products, we will be happy to get in contact with them for our testing team.

Does MVP Sponsor Tournaments or Clubs?

We certainly do! Giveaways, Custom Stamping, and Sponsorship incentives are available to clubs and tournaments.  We commend tournament directors and club organizers for their effort to help grow disc golf. Our front line of fundraising is the Circuit Event Series.

Our custom stamp program is a great way to raise funds for your tournament or club with a quality product and prize package.  Exciting FREE Merchandise and other sponsorship incentives are available to events placing custom stamping orders.

What is MVP Distribution HQ?

While MVP Disc Sports and Axiom Discs are disc golf equipment manufacturers, they are driven by a high-tech operation dubbed MVP Distribution Headquarters in Marlette, Michigan. Our automated systems provide a fast and streamlined experience for dealers, bringing market leading brands to the disc golf world. MVP Distribution HQ is your source for MVP Disc Sports, Axiom Discs, Black Hole™ Baskets, Hive Disc Golf, and MVP Circuit Events.

Where can I buy MVP Discs?

As one of the major disc golf companies, we sell our discs to hundreds of retail outlets worldwide. You’ll find MVP and Axiom products at every major disc retailer, and many local and online dealers.  However, if your preferred retailer does not carry our discs, then you have a great opportunity to earn some free discs through our Referral program.

We only sell our discs direct to authorized dealers.  If you would like to become an authorized dealer yourself, you may learn more on the Wholesale page, then use the Contact Us form below.

What ties together your Discs, Bags, Black Hole™ Targets, and other Disc Golf items?

We set higher standards for our products, and we adhere to these standards across all areas of our comprehensive disc golf equipment lineup. From the world’s most advanced molded discs to geometrically superior baskets and innovative backpack designs, our goal is to further the state of the art in disc golf gear in both design and build quality.

What do names like 17mm and 20mm mean?

We group discs by their rim width, with each group or “class” forming a set, within which a range of stabilities are represented. This equates to the traditional terminology like “Speed 7”.
17mm roughly matches a traditional “Speed 7”, and likewise for 20mm and “Speed 10”. Classes include Putt & Approach (10mm – 11mm), Midrange (12mm – 13mm), Fairway Drivers (16mm – 18.5mm), and Distance Drivers (20mm – 23mm).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to complete the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you to answer any other questions.

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