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Fission® Microbubble Technology

Fission® Microbubble Technology produces an ultralight core with evenly distributed and imperceptible weight reduction microbubbles. The ultralight core allows an even higher GYRO® overmold density relative to the core, yet still remaining in the lighter weight classes.

This produces an entirely new type of lightweight disc never before seen in the sport, and beyond the capability of any other manufacturer. Weight distribution, stability, and durability of prior “bubble” discs are all improved upon by Fission®. Skeptics of prior light or bubble plastics are in for a surprise, as Fission® brings advanced disc physics and true high-tech molding into the lightweight plastics arena.

What makes Fission® look and feel different than other bubble technologies?

Fission® Microbubble Technology encapsulates a much larger number of microscopic air bubbles than other bubble technologies. This allows the central flight plate and inner rim to have an even distribution of bubbles throughout. Whereas, other bubble technologies naturally form more bubbles in the outer rim of the disc, which diminishes gyroscopic properties.

What makes a 155g Fission® different than any other 155g GYRO® disc?

A 155g Fission® disc contains the same amount of GYRO® weighting as its 175g counterpart, so it is enhanced for line-locking ability yet the overall disc is still very lightweight for extra glide and distance.

Is Fission® just as stable as a heavy disc?

While a Fission® disc consists of more glide, it will exhibit a similar HSS and LSS as a heavier GYRO® counterpart.

Is Fission® just as durable as Neutron?

Yes, the outer GYRO® rim is essentially the same as would be found on a heavier Neutron disc. The microbubbles in a Fission® core are too small to diminish overall resilience, unlike larger visible bubbles.