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The Greatest Shot In Disc Golf History

History isn’t made by settling for anything less than the best. During the final round of the 2021 PDGA World Championships, James arrived at the 18th hole having risen above every competitor but one. He was one stroke behind first place, and his only way to force a playoff? Make a 247 foot blind shot with OB all around the basket. What followed was an achievement that wouldn’t just take the disc golf world by storm, it would become a moment of triumph seared forever into our collective memory.

The Win of a Lifetime

Forcing a playoff wasn’t enough though. The explosion of energy following the “The Greatest Shot in Disc Golf History” quieted as the two competitors approached the teepad for the first playoff hole – Hole 16. A deafening silence engulfed the gallery as James threw his final drive, which landed just shy of the basket. His opponent would miss the island and watch his disc roll OB. James had done it, he’d won the 2021 PDGA World Championship. Becoming one of 6 MPO players in history to hold both a US Championship and World Championship title.

James Conrad - World Champion 2
James Conrad - World Champion 4
James Conrad - World Champion 5

MVP – Nomad

Electron Soft/Medium/Firm

One of the fun challenges of designing the James Conrad Line was figuring out just what that concept meant to James and MVP. After sitting down with James and talking about his passions, it became clear that the concept of travel and exploration was going to be the bedrock of the James Conrad Line. With that in mind, James wanted to use his Line to showcase some of his favorite places and experiences on Earth. As luck would have it, months before he would go on to win the World Championships in Utah, Arches National Park was chosen as our Nomad concept —James Conrad definitely has some magic to him. 

From there, we had to formulate how to blend the unique themes of the James Conrad Line with those of the MVP brand itself. Mixing science with nature, much like Axiom’s representation of art, was definitely something we were looking forward to, and Art Director Mike Inscho was more than up to the task. For the Electron Nomad specifically, Mike’s inspiration was to represent Arches with audio-like waveforms — creating a topographical waveform of a trailhead that is close to James’ heart. With just enough nods to MVP themes so as to enhance, not overwhelm, the core concepts of the James Conrad Line, the Nomad truly represents the partnership between James and MVP. The results speak for themselves, and we can’t wait to see what Mike and James have in store for us next.

James Conrad - World Champion 6
James Conrad - World Champion 7

Axiom – Envy Special Edition

Electron Firm

*Deep breath* *Exhale* There is 247ft between you and greatness. Miss, and you are out of bounds. Runner up. Second to greatness. History doesn’t remember good tries. History remembers perfection. Perfection requires confidence. Confidence requires trust. Trust is formed in the fires of competition. Trust is not won easily – it is earned. When James Conrad stood at the precipice of greatness, he turned to the Electron Envy. The rest, as they say, is the Greatest Shot In Disc Golf History. Commemorate the moment that will live on beyond us all with an SE Envy in Electron Firm plastic. Mike Inscho renders the moment brilliantly – the thrill of anticipation, the ecstasy of triumph – all captured

James Conrad - World Champion 9

Axiom - Envy - James Conrad Signature Series

Electron Soft/Medium/Firm

The best driving putter in disc golf is now forever linked with the best putter thrower in disc golf, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The first James Conrad Signature Series disc, the Envy in Electron plastic, provides the grip and confidence needed for greatness. The Envy is slightly overstable out of the box, but it wears into an absolute laser beam – allowing you to cycle them to cover any and all required shots. Already an incredible fan favorite before The Greatest Shot in Disc Golf History, the Electron Envy now directly supports James Conrad’s touring efforts. Show your love for our World Champion, and pick up an Envy today – it might just change your game.

James Conrad - World Champion 10

MVP Nomad - Special Edition

Electron Soft

It’s the dawn of a new era, and these strange, fantastic worlds are begging to be explored – step out and join James Conrad on the Leading Edge with the SE Nomad in Electron Soft plastic! As the first disc to be released in the James Conrad Lineup, the Nomad was designed from the ground up to represent everything James wants in a putter. Our very own Mike Inscho captures the spirit of the Nomad here – leading the way for others to follow. Get the confidence that comes with being on the Leading Edge, and support James Conrad with the SE Nomad!