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  • 24.5mm Distance Drivers

The Limit is the most overstable driver of MVP’s fastest driver class.

The Limit is built for extremes — be it a maximum headwind or maximum arm speed, the Limit can handle it. With an overstability quotient just under that of the Energy, the Limit’s speed and stability couple to make a usable but forceful driver. Whether you’ve got the power, or can use an underpowered machine for trick shots, the Limit is a force of nature by which all high speed overstable drivers can be measured.

All models in the 24.5mm Distance Drivers class, displayed by relative stability:

Class 24.5mm Distance Drivers
Weights 170g - 175g
Diameter 21.1cm
Rim Width 24.5mm
PDGA Max Weight 175.1g
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Flight Chart

The Limit is part of an extremely fast and demanding speed class and has a power-resistant stability profile. Beginner throwers are encouraged to try slower classes for best results.

This upper limit of fast and overstable means even high power throwers may see a fade begin quite early in flight. The Limit does have a useful place as a utility disc for those who cannot power it for traditional shots. Regardless of power, the Limit provides a hefty resistance to work against for predictable shots in unpredictable conditions.


Limit Photos

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Limit in the Bag

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