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MVP – Watt – Neutron – Special Edition

“Yes, yes, Newcomen’s steam engine design has not changed in almost 50 years – but that does not mean that it cannot! Have you ever watched a boiling kettle? REALLY watched it? I posit that a separate chamber for condensing steam would vastly improve it. Perhaps I shall create a design and show everyone just how incredible it could be. After that, maybe the method of copying letters that I have been pondering…”

Mechanical Engineer. Chemist. Inventor. James Watt was all of these and more – a driving force during the Industrial Revolution. Watt’s most notable contribution was the improvement of the Steam Engine in 1776, ultimately leading to more advanced engine designs far more powerful, efficient, and cost-effective than anything imagined at the time. So great was his work, including the conceptualization of Horsepower and the invention of the Rangefinder, that in 1889 a unit of power was named after him! You guessed it – the watt.

James Watt joins our illustrious Scientist Series on his namesake disc the Neutron Watt, brought to life by none other than Mike Inscho. Don’t miss your chance at the next Scientist Series disc!

MVP – Watt – Neutron

Coming in with flight numbers of 2 | 5 | -0.5 | 0.5, the Neutron Watt exceeds expectations of just how much glide a full-weight putter can have. Much like its cousins the Ohm and the Pilot, the Watt is a deeper profile putter that is exceptionally workable, producing laser straight lines, beautiful turnovers, and a reliable grip for driving. When you’re looking for a neutral to stable putter, find your new favorite with the Neutron Watt!

All models in the 9mm Putt / Approach class, displayed by relative stability:

Class 9mm Putt / Approach
Weights 165 - 175g
Diameter 21.2cm
Rim Width 9mm
PDGA Max Weight 175g
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