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October 9, 2017 Uncategorized

2017 Halloween Special Edition

Axiom Halloween Special Edition Owlenstein Plasma Envy

Get wise to another spooky Axiom Halloween stamp with 2017’s Electric Owlenstein.  This Limited Edition of 1,000 Plasma Envy is run in classic Axiom Halloween configuration: gray core with black rim, making this the first and only Axiom Plasma release to sport the MVP-exclusive black GYRO® rim!  Axiom’s familiar spider makes an appearance in this beautiful triple-foil execution, but the star of this show is the modern nocturnal promethean birdie itself, the Electric Owlenstein.  Combining mystical aesthetics, a dash of Frankenstein’s monster, and the symbology of wisdom tempered with a harbinger of doom, this owl is pure Axiom Halloween – electrified and ready to fly!  Stare into its golden eyes as the Axiom Owluminati pyramid floats above; it is full of secrets beyond what it seems.