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May 19, 2016 Uncategorized

Black Hole New Arrivals – Pro and Mini

Black Hole New Arrivals - Pro and Mini 1

New Run of Black Hole™ Pro Arrives w/ Black Hole™ Mini

Black Hole™ Pro Backorder Ends; Shipping NOW – Immediate Mini Release

The Black Hole™ Pro has far exceeded sales expectations, causing a brief Backorder status, and its second production run has just arrived to save the day!

Wholesale orders that included the back ordered Black Hole™ Pro are now shipping.  Any new orders for Black Hole™ Pro will ship immediately as per usual quick turnaround from MVP Distribution Headquarters.


Improved Black Hole™ Pro Design

Several improvements were made to the design and production specs of the Black Hole™ Pro based on its already beloved first run.

Transit and handling conditions had shown a risk to a base weld, which caused some Black Hole™ Pro to arrive with a damaged base.  These welds at the base have been adjusted to not only function their best for normal use, but also withstand the temporary stresses of delivery to the customer.

The Black Hole™ Pro’s chain rack features a sliding bracket and S-hook for the outer chain tier and, previously, carabiners and welded rings for the inner tiers.  We’ve improved upon this design by welding shut the outer bracket to disallow removal of its S-hook by force or impact, and by popular demand replacing the carabiner attachments with heavy duty S-hooks.  The already solid Black Hole™ Pro 24-chain configuration is now bomb-proof.

Black Hole™ Mini –  New Release Available NOW
Immediate Drop Ship or In-Store Sales

The Black Hole™ Mini didn’t quite make it into the New Releases, so we’re making it a NOW Release!  Immediate drop ship is available, just submit an order form with the customer’s address as its destination.  In-Store sales are open immediately, with your drop shipment to local customers or shipping to store being processed immediately.  If you’ve already ordered your 5/27 Releases, don’t worry about a minimum order for the Black Hole™ Mini.  As per normal policy, dealers who have ordered recently when a newly announced product arrives are free from any minimum order restrictions for the new item(s).


Black Hole™ Mini

Wholesale Price: $40
MSRP: $89.95
Minimum Retail Price: $79.95

26″ height Mini Disc Basket with Black Hole™ style and engineering

Seamless Matte Black color

Electrophoresed first stage followed with tough powder coated outer shell for extra durability and protection

Double chain tiered design with 24 mini scale strands

12 outer and 12 inner chains with Black Hole™ equidistant orientation for zero weak pockets

Banded 11.5″ diameter header

12.5″ diameter cage

Standard Black Hole™ load distributed base

All metal construction, all joints welded

Assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute

Threaded tension connections for a sturdy assembly

11.3 lbs., 13.5 x 13.5 x 5.5″ packaged