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January 12, 2015 Uncategorized

Warehouse Expansion – All Things Disc Golf Interview

Warehouse Expansion – All Things Disc Golf Interview

MVP Disc Sports in 2015: New warehouse, baseline plastic, drivers, and more 0

MVP Disc Sports is a company we like to check in with on a regular basis. They’ve been big supporters of ATDG since we launched and it has been exciting to see them grow from their first release, the Ion, to a complete line of discs which is set to expand again in 2015.

As a new year begins, MVP also has a new headquarters to call home with big plans for the added space. We caught up with MVPs Brad Richardson to talk about the successful 2014 and look ahead at 2015.


2014 was certainly a year of growth for MVP Disc Sports and Axiom Discs. Looking back, are you surprised by how much growth really took place?

“We were confident that 2014 was going to be a strong year because of the debut of Axiom Discs and our first Distance Drivers, but the growth certainly well exceeded our expectations. It was definitely our largest growing year, and look forward to many more to come!”


Before we talk about your 2015 plans, we have to talk about your new home. You were able to build and design your new headquarters and will be relocating all of your operations there. You guys must be excited, right?

“Excited is an understatement! We purchased the land over a year ago and did all the groundwork that year. This summer we did all the construction from the ground up. In the end, we are very pleased with the final result because it was designed with widespread disc golf distribution in mind and will enable us to raise the bar in so many ways.”


Did you ever think five years ago when you first started making discs that you would get to the point to allow you to build an entirely new building?

“After our first successful year with the Ion, we knew there was huge potential, but we did not have any expectations that it was going to grow to reach the point of independence of building our own building. Even last year was a debate of whether or not we needed to build this year; needless to say, this year’s growth quickly influenced that decision.”


What do you have planned for the added space?

“It’s our goal to produce a full line of innovative disc golf products, and this is going to enable us to accomplish just that. It will take a few years for us to reach this goal, but we are driven in every way to accomplish this.”


You recently developed a new baseline plastic—something that many have been wanting. How much time went into this new Electron plastic?

“We had off and on experimentation of Electron since we started five years ago, but the last year was definitely the majority of Electron’s development. The development of Electron Plastic this year took 9 months. Without the development of prior years, it probably would have taken 12-16 months.”


We’re close to the release of your third putter: the Atom. After MVP got started with the Ion and Anode, what was it like to “go back to your roots” and develop a third putter?

“The development of this putter actually felt a lot like the development of Axiom, since it shares the same core with the Proxy and Envy. It has a similar feel and flight of the Proxy and Envy, so the design process was quite reminiscent of those models. We took the aspects we like of both of those putters and built a mold suitable for the new Electron plastic.”


Now, if we’re not mistaken you also teased a new line of high-speed drivers coming out in 2015, correct? Anything you can share at this point?

“We recently sure did release a trailer for the first Axiom Discs distance drivers as well. They will be the same 20mm speed class as the MVP line but will serve as a variety of complementary slots. MVP will quantum leap to a new speed class of 21.5mm distance drivers. More news and details to follow!”


What else do you have up your sleeve for 2015?

“There’s certainly going to be more than just the highly anticipated Electron Atom and these distance drivers. I cannot go into much further detail, but a few of the developments coming this year are potentially going to be some of our most exciting ever.”


Is there anything else you want to cover?

“I wanted to say a huge thanks for featuring us. I remember the earlier stages of ATDG and it’s awesome to see it grow into such a great asset to disc golf. Keep up the great work!”


Thanks to Richardsons for the continued support of ATDG and best of luck in 2015. We’ll keep you updated on the releases of the new drivers for both MVP Disc Sports and Axiom Discs. 2015 looks to be a very exciting year.