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Extra Large UV Flashlight

The biggest, brightest, and best UV Flashlight from MVP is here — the MVP Extra Large 100 LED UV Flashlight is the ideal tool for charging Eclipse 2.0 plastic! This extra large flashlight charges UV reactive materials in record time, leaving you with more time to focus on playing and less time worrying about charging your discs. Powered by 6 AA batteries (included) and featuring sturdy metal casing, the 100 LED UV Flashlight quickly and efficiently charges Eclipse Glow plastic when applied directly to the glow surface. Pick up an Extra Large 100 LED UV Flashlight today and Glow The Sport!


  • Powerful UV Light instantly activates Eclipse plastic or glow vinyl
  • 100 high-visibility LEDs
  • All metal precision framework
  • Replaceable AA batteries
  • Batteries included
  • 7.63″ x 3″