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Black Hole® Gravity



The enhanced Gravity is here to upgrade your local course! Benefitting from MVP’s intense research and development process, the Gravity may be more cost-effective, but it offers a premium catching experience that is at the top of its class. With 30 strands of hot-dipped galvanized steel chain — 12 outer, 12 outer-middle, and 6 inner — on 3 independent rings, the Gravity is a basket with no weak pockets. The independent ring design allows the enhanced Gravity to benefit from elite kinetic energy dispersion — leading to a basket that catches spin, push, hard, and soft putts with ease. Players with all putting styles and velocities will find the Gravity to be the best catching basket in its class. Plus, with a universal locking tab position, MVP baskets are now extremely easy to install on market-standard sleeves — installing an MVP basket on your course has never been easier! Available with matching cage colors in Red, Yellow, Orange, and the classic Black top and silver cage as well, the Gravity will be an eye-catcher on any course. On top of all of that, the Gravity also comes with a 20-year limited warranty, with our amazing customer service staff available to put your mind at ease. If you need a championship-caliber target, look no further than the enhanced Gravity basket!

Adult supervision is required for installation and use.

5.5 cm Galvanized Powder Coated Steel Header built for long-term durability against play and weather.

30 strands of hot-dipped galvanized steel chain to maximize catching ability, minimizing bounce-outs and cut-throughs, fast and soft putts alike.

Durable, sturdy all-metal construction with all joints welded for long-lasting baskets

The Black Hole® Gravity is covered by a Limited 20-Year Warranty and guaranteed against failure due to rust/corrosion and manufacturer defects. Circumstances beyond MVP’s control and therefore not covered include but are not limited to vandalism, unauthorized repair, acts of God, powder coat, and logo chipping/scratching/ discoloration. Warranty requests should be made directly to, and resolution by repair or replacement will be at MVP’s sole discretion. Labor including but not limited to removal/installation is not covered under this warranty, and shipping for unsolicited returns will be the sole responsibility of the owner. Please contact with any questions about the Black Hole® Gravity Limited 20-Year Warranty.


  • 5.5 cm Galvanized Powder Coated Steel Header
  • 12 outer chains, 12 outer-middle chains, and 6 inner chains — on 3 independent rings
  • 1 cm thick durable all-metal basket wires
  • 30 Hot-dipped galvanized steel chains
  • Cage Depth: 20.5cm
  • Cage Diameter: 68.5cm
  • Band/Chain Diameter: 58.5cm
  • Height above ground: 82.8cm
  • Maximum size of basket gaps: 15.7cm
  • Target zone height: 51.5cm
  • Width of pole: 4.8cm
  • Available with matching cage colors in Red, Yellow, Orange, and Black
  • Sturdy all-metal construction, all joints welded
  • PDGA Championship Approved
  • Covered by 20-year limited warranty