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Graham Russell

"Stand and Deliver"

I have been playing disc golf passionately since the end of 2008.  From the first time I stepped on a course looking for a new hobby I fell in love with the sport.  Within a month I became a member of the PDGA (#37909) and sought out competition to test myself and find a community.  What I found has since changed the trajectory of my life and enriched my well being on a near daily basis.

As a multiple knee surgery recipient I had to adjust how I approached the course compared to everyone else I ran into.  I adopted the “standstill” technique, and through some natural ability and a lot more dedication have found a way to keep up on the course in both distance and accuracy.

I have been able to compete against players at the highest level, and walk (sometimes limp) away proudly.  I have met some of the kindest and most enjoyable people to ever enter my life.  I have been able to say with pride that I represented not just myself, but an amazing family run company in MVP Disc Sports.

I look forward to what disc golf and MVP have in store for my future.  I can’t wait to continue to grow and push myself to be a better person, and a better player on the course.


  • First Name Graham
  • Last Name Russell
  • PDGA Number 37909
  • Player Division MPO
  • Handedness Right Handed
  • Throwing Styles Backhand and Forehand
  • Job Title Restaurant Manager
  • Year Started in Disc Golf 2008
  • Year Started Throwing GYRO 2010
  • Max Golf Distance (ft) 440
  • Max Field Distance (ft) 480
  • Favorite Event The Las Vegas Challenge