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Sarah Hokom


I began playing disc golf with friends in 2007 and fell in love immediately. I enjoyed the daily exercise, company of good friends and stress relief from my teaching career. Shortly after competing in a few local tournaments, I found the drive to see how I would fare against the best. I turned pro in 2008 and traveled as much as possible for the next few years until I felt confident enough to fully commit to disc golf. I quit teaching in 2010 to tour full time and have been on the road ever since.

I started winning bigger events in 2011, with King of Lake in Tahoe, CA being my first NT win and was fortunate enough to win a world title in 2012 in Charlotte, NC. Since then, I’ve added two additional major titles, the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships in 2013 and 2016, as well as recent notable wins at the San Francisco Open, MVP Open, Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, and the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championships. Check out my full playing history at

Competing to the best of my ability is my primary focus, but it is important to me to give back to this amazing community of disc golfers that have given me so much. Currently, I volunteer for the PDGA Women’s committee with a commitment to ensure we attract and retain more female players, as well as improve the quality of the disc golf experience for all women.  Additionally, I spend time writing and teaching clinics to assist with and inspire growth in all disc golfers.

The camaraderie and challenge in this sport is ever-present. I am blessed to have found disc golf and know this sport has something to offer everyone.  I truly believe this sport changes people for the better, so my goals are to expose the world to disc golf, and ultimately, make this world a better place by doing so.

  • First Name Sarah
  • Last Name Hokom
  • PDGA Number 34563
  • Player Division FPO
  • Handedness Right
  • Throwing Styles Primarily Sidearm, Secondarily Backhand
  • Job Title Disc Golf Professional
  • Year Started in Disc Golf 2007
  • Year Started Throwing GYRO 2018
  • Max Golf Distance (ft) 340
  • Max Field Distance (ft) 375
  • Favorite Course Maple Hill
  • Favorite Event MVP Open