Announcing the MVP Circuit
2015 Integrated Flight Series
Since its founding in 2009, MVP Disc Sports' growth has largely been word-of-mouth over the web and on the course.  Read a few experiences from players, or throw the discs yourself, and you'll see what the hype is about.

Now in 2015 MVP has the disc lineup and fan following to demand a branded event that brings MVP throwers together and introduces more players to MVP.  Enter the Circuit Integrated Flight Series.

The Circuit is designed to be fun to play and easy to host. With a Player's Pack worth over $60 including three discs and MVP swag, the recommended entry fee of only $30 is a bargain.  Event Directors have the opportunity to put their unique mark on each Circuit event while raising funds and moving merchandise.

We invite you to explore for further details on the event formatPlayer's Pack, and hosting information.
IN STORES 3/13: Plasma Anode
New Semi-Gummy Metallic Material
We recently debuted Plasma plastic in the Ion putter. Now its neutral-flying partner in crime, the Anode, joins the Plasma lineup. Unlike any Anode before it, the Plasma Anode will be available from max-weight all the way down to 155g! Anode throwers will love this fresh take on the model. The Plasma Ion has been extremely well received with rave reviews about its look and feel.

Plasma Plastic is the latest development from MVP Disc Sports, combining our high standards of performance and visual appeal. Plasma has a stunning metallic sheen, even color-shifting in select color options. The grip is a semi-gummy blend in between our Soft and standard firmness for Neutron plastic.

To commemorate this first release of Plasma Anode, for a limited time we are offering First Run Plasma Anodes. The distinguishing feature of this edition will be a holographic silver foil stamp, with the same artwork as the production Plasma Anode.