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Retail Display Grid

In response to an overwhelming amount of dealer requests, we are relaunching our Retail Display Grid Set! Whether you’re a new dealer in need of supplies, or a long-time MVP dealer that is expanding or replacing old displays, the Retail Display Grid Set from MVP is the perfect way to display MVP family products! Complete with an attractive branding refresh for the headers and a variety of placards, the Retail Display Grid Set is going to make sure MVP products are looking their best in your store!

With a storage capacity of up to 300 discs per grid and MVP, Axiom, and Streamline branding options, these professional display grids come with everything you need to sell MVP products! Available as part of our Dealer Pre-Order Special, grab your display sets now to be the first with our awesome new branding in your store!

Download Assembly Instructions


  • 71.5″ tall x 28″ wide
  • Feet are 24″ from end to end at the base
  • Disc holders are 8″ x 8″ and hold 10-15 discs