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Premier Team

World Champions. US Champions. Team Captains. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the cream of the MVP crop. If a Premier Team member is on your card, you better open your eyes – greatness is right in front of you. Legendary players and even more legendary humans, Premier Team players are what we mere mortal disc golfers all aspire to. If you see a Premier Team player on a lead card (and you will), grab your popcorn – you’re in for a treat.

Pro Team

It ain’t easy being pro, though Pro Team will certainly make it look that way. Pro Team players have the skills to challenge the best in the world – they’re just earlier on their journey to the top. You’ll find Pro Team players crushing A, B, and C tiers around the globe, and they’ll even be found in the hunt for DGPT, Major, and NT events. Pro Team players are no stranger to shooting the hot round of a tournament – they’ve even got a few 1070+ rounds under their belts – so keep an eye out for them on moving day.

Expedition Team

Expedition Team members are our up-and-coming professional and amateur players. These players have shown the spark of excellence and have the desire to chase it. You’ll find high achieving amateurs and fresh faced professionals here, but while they might not all share a division – they all share a goal: greatness. Expedition Team players are testing the boundaries of what they can do, and they won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Discovery Team

Our team of amateurs, Discovery Team is home to Junior World Champions and local tournament legends alike. Driven by the love of the game, Discovery Team is chock full of phenomenal human beings with a knack for #ThrowingGyro. Discovery Team players are passionate disc golfers with an earnest desire to spread their love and knowledge of the game. When they’re not out smashing tournaments around the nation, you’re most likely to find Discovery Team growing the sport at the local level.

Orbit Team

Our beloved team of ambassadors, the Orbit Team is jam packed with goodies. Orbit Team has been lucky to call itself home to super fans, media producers, up-and-coming disc golfers, and even USDGC qualifiers. The only prerequisite for Orbit Team membership is an extreme love of GYRO and a joyful personality! Orbit Team players are universally awesome and do a lot of great promotional work for MVP – make sure to show them some love if you see them on the course!

Crew Team

The employees who make all of this a reality – turns out they like to spin discs too! While everyone at MVP loves disc golf, not everyone has the competitive desire to play in tournaments. These adept employees, however, have that desire in spades. They may not have as much time to dedicate to disc golf as they’d like, but when they aren’t grinding 9-5 for MVP, they are out there grinding for birdies just like everyone else.

Team MVP is an officially endorsed group of ambassadors for MVP Disc Sports. We value content creators and competitors alike, and these disc golfers’ various specialties include tournament competition, technique instruction, and media creation. If you are interested in applying for our awesome team, go here.